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  1. I watched her documentary and cried as well. I hope she finds peace and happiness. No one should go through this ever.
  2. I had to secretly get a therapist to do an online session later today with me because of my depression and my abusive toxic mum. Mum this morning threw a hissy fit because I did not put on the TV for her to watch my sister's programme and even wants my sister to seize my laptop again as punishment forgetting that I am 29. I tried to defend myself but she abused the hell out of me and even said that my other sister in England trying to help me launch a writing career should go find someone else as I am incompetent and useless. I cried a lot yesterday and cried today. People will defend this woman because of her public facade but if only they knew what kind of person she truly is. She definitely does not want me to have a job and one of my uncles re-echoed her thoughts saying that my job is to take care of mum. Mum is going to be 70. She keeps lying about health problems that she brought upon herself. She lies against the staff especially the poor housegirl. I keep thinking of committing suicide because I can't live like this anymore. This woman and my older sister have been bullying me for years. I keep on taking **** because I don't know what to do. My boyfriend was banned from seeing me because in mum's words, "No one comes between me and my daughter." She even lied against one of my sister's staff claiming that the girl bullied me whereas she is the true bully. I told another one of my uncles but I doubt he did anything. I am basically trapped and afraid of everyone.
  3. The more I look at Britney and her relationship with Jamie, the more I am reminded of my current relationship with mum. Mummy is very emotionally abusive to me and my siblings and the worst part is that my siblings brush it off and anytime I speak up about it, they all shut me down and guilt trip me and call me ungrateful. My mum keeps insulting and belittling me over the fact that I am unemployed forgetting that COVID screwed everyone hence my current situation. She keeps comparing me to others and even acknowledges how slow I am forgetting that I have Dyslexia. She even spends my sisters' money on her stuff. One of my sisters is trying to help by teaching me how to be a better writer. I dunno why I am still alive or why I have not yet committed suicide. I guess Britney gave me the strength to keep on going regardless of my painful situation.
  4. I remembered this. Why the **** do they always ask about their virginities? What is our business?!
  5. Saw this and I can understand where the lady is coming from. Definitely Lou and Jamie must have put pressure on them not to release this documentary. Yet they did.
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