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Can "Britney: Live in concert" boost the sales of B10?

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release CYM! Private show hell even an auto tuned fart somethin

Just now, HotAsIce.ve said:

The Circus Tour boost the sales of Femme Fatale in some countries (like Australia for example). 


Oh I see what you mean. Her exposure their will be fresh on people's minds 

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Guest Paris Hilton $

Yes. That's the point of a world tour, they are made to support the album

Her venue in those countries is hugely mediatized and can even have an international impact (for example the consequences of her venue in Israel)

It will help a little bit her next album but that's it, since it's not coming DURING her tour but AFTER her tour


She should've released a new single, especially cause in Asia sales are still huge and her tour would've made it a hit

But well. Smart plan and Britney

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I was hoping they would release one last single while the buzz of her Tour is happening to just kick it off. It would probably chart decently. 

MAYbe the success of the tour Will have her team and brit to push new music  out sooner:byebitch: 

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