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Britney did NOT call Sam five months later! Impossible!

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Every time they write about Britney and Sam they say this ridiculous and inaccurate information. Makes no sense. They filmed the video in late October and were spotted going out already in November. 

7 minutes ago, BOBIBCFBG said:

When did she say 5 months? I remember her saying something like a month or two later which would have been around Dec. I think they Snapchatted on Christmas and/or NYE so that would kind of make sense. 

they were seen out together long before that....

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34 minutes ago, button said:

this was already noted by everyone when the interview where she says this was released.

She was being a mess as usual

She probably called after 5 days and didn't want to sound desperate on the radio so she lied and said 5 months, thinking nobody would catch on. i c u britney :queenriri:

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