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Why do you think they didn't release the Make Me video?


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48 minutes ago, Million Billion said:

Sorry for this but, where have you been these last 6 months? :weirdmeout:

"It just didn't work" is pretty veiled and cryptic.  I want definite opinions.  Ya got one or nah?

44 minutes ago, JustLuvMe said:

Meet one of Britney's dancers at a pool party and find out :awks:

Refresh my memory...

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42 minutes ago, ElectriqueBrit said:

"It just didn't work" is pretty veiled and cryptic.  I want definite opinions.  Ya got one or nah?

Refresh my memory...

It's been discussed hundreds of times, it's almost like asking why britney doesn't dance as Primeney. But the rumors say:

-She realized it was pretty raunchy after shooting it so she didn't want to portray that **** image. 

-The sponsor companies wanted more focus and David LaChapelle didn't want to ruin his work with tons of ads so he ended up quitting to the project 

-The "it just didn't work" quote is pretty vague so we still don't know what specifically didn't work.

As you see there's no specific reasons why it wasn't released. Oh and the pool party joke it's because a supposed fan-insider unexpectedly met one of the Britney's dancers at a pool party and he unintentionally heard the original video was gonna be officially released later on, but well you know the delusion levels some fans are in...  :tiffhair:

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1 minute ago, ElectriqueBrit said:

She's also almost equally at this point had her "But I'm a mom." moments sis.  Let's be real.  

true, she always talks about being a mother, which is great, but then has a completely different image in her music and music videos. even in the MM MV we have now, in the end it's not all "i'm a mom now". 

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I think team Britney pissed off La Chapelle somewhere during the shooting. Look at the one scene with the bulldozer that we never saw where she walked off. It's possible they butted heads so much that either Britney or David pulled out of the project without finishing. It's the only reason they wouldn't have been able to salvage it in editing that I can think of. Even if it was too ****** or sponsers didn't like it, there should have been enough footage to trim it down--especially with dance scenes.. Maybe Britney didnt like the scenes and felt it was way too much.. but in the finished product we got she was still ******** all over a guy so I dont really buy the it-was-too-****** thing. I just think personalities clashed. David sounds like a diva anyway.

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2 hours ago, MM said:

what? literally her entire career she has been that way. she just posted a NUDE photo of herself......:nicki2:

its one thing posting your half naked photo here and there and being raunchy is another :mhm:

and also i cant with people believing the cringe-worthy story about her ******* the actor of the video and didnt want to be reminded bcuz they are broke up? like really? how stupid people can be? its a thousands dollars paid video, just bcuz Britney acted like a ***** and ****** someone doesnt mean she has the all the rights to cancel the video :mhm:

I believe its the Label and Britney herself decided to cancel the video bcuz it was too raunchy and Britney felt embarrassed after seeing the video. Label also agreed with that bcuz we know from the past they like to intervene in such situations. 

I wish someone leaked the whole thing so bad tho at this situation i would be satisfied with the reason why they canceled it, just an explaination. I dont like mystries:crying1:



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Based on the Joseph Khan perfume video fiasco, I would think it was her team stepping in after the director made the video too raunchy/violent.

Britney clearly has no problems doing risky scenes in the moment of filming (like with the original work ***** video, the gun in the original perfume video, or licking the milk in the slumber party video), but everytime her team steps in afterwards and decides to scrap scenes (or in case of Make me scrap the entire video). 

I think it's possible that they decided to step in and censor Lachappelle's work, that he got angry with them (and didn't want to be left frustrated like Joseph Khan), so he decide not to work on the project anymore at all since his creative freedom was restricted.

I think that if her team tells Britney "you can't do that it is too much it doesn't work" that she just goes with that flow to keep everybody happy or just doesn't care that much. I genuinely believe that she also loves the official Make me video.

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