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  1. and where did she say that? Is it gonna be for her live concert series or on the album? I mean how are we sure that its gonna be a literally cover? I would love to hear what she comes up with tbh.
  2. Its pretty obvious shes trying to make a point with that book. Ive read the summary and theres line talking about former life and that its about a new woman to fight against the overwhelming odds thrown against her in life. Now I get it tbh.
  3. So everyone was saying she cant post and she doesnt use insta on her own? This video proves she does. But yeah Im somehow convinced something is wrong. But again we now know she posts whatever she wants. She has opportunity to tell all but she doesnt? There are so many questions goes unanswered and Im confused af.
  4. I just cant believe people think that she cant move a finger without permission in a time in which its the easiest way to reach out people and tell all about. We live in a world where u have every opportunity to tell whats happening to u. Even if she cant (lets assume she must be in a dungeon ) she has kids to tell. She sees a couple of people to tell. I dont think that the reason she doesnt talk is that she lives a captive life. There must be something else.
  5. Bionic is one of the bests of 00's. It had a lot of hit potantial tracks but too bad didnt see the day light for public to appreciate them. I love the way she talks about it. She seems like a very strong woman and Ive always believed that she was so. Stripped is Iconic for pop culture anyway and Bionic missed the chance thx to douchbags.
  6. La la la la la la la of course But my fave from her is Slow. Ultimate *** song that turns u hot as hell whereever and whoever u are Red Blooded Woman is my 2nd fave. I love In Your Eyes, I Believe in You, All The Lovers, Chocalate, Come Into My World, On a Night Like This, Like A Drug, Speakerphone and so many others. I also loved the songs shes made with Garibey ; Glow, Black and White, Break My Heart
  7. I dont really understand those saying theres this sound difference in her music that made people off but hey the difference happened with Dark Horse and she won big time with that song. So drop that. There was nothing very different with Swish Swish. Im not talking bout the rest of the album tho. I dont think it was not successfull but yeah didnt reach expectations. I blame her attitude and style which I love and started to pay attentionto her but I guess I fall apart with the public on that subject. I started to like her and her music when everyone felt the opposite.
  8. this is more like a reading of a "to do-list" made after putting the most populer ideas of fans in order by someone who been here a lot
  9. IKR If she wants to speak she can, she has alot of ways to do so! All this time Ive waited her to speak instead of listening to those conspiracy theories going on here but Now Im more into the idea that she wants conservatorship to be over but I feel like she doesnt have the guts to do so But I dont get why the court dont let her to be free, clearly theres more to the story than what we know.
  10. I dont get it she looks more confident than ever. Shes always been awkard but this seems fine to me. Just bcuz she didnt want to stay longer there which is meaningless event anyway doesnt mean she was lost or something. Weve seen her many times where she really didnt want to stay and go without saying much u know.
  11. Maybe Britney wanted him dead tho? Why not? maybe he was concerned that Britney was not still able to be out of the conservatorship. Maybe he was about to give papers not in favor of Britney freedom. Why is everybody so sure that its the other way around?
  12. So many conspiracy theories here If her mother knows all about this, dont u guys think she doesnt talk to her?why doesnt she speak up since the first day??? Doesnt make sense to me
  13. It seems like fan account tho. How are we sure its her mother official account?
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