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Could Britney be Gaga's Super Bowl guest?


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Lady Gaga is gearing up to perform at the 2017 Super Bowl, but is there a chance she could bring out fellow pop star Britney Spears for a surprise appearance?

While Gaga’s much-anticipated show has been shrouded in secrecy ahead of her big halftime performance on February 5, fans are urging Lady Gaga to invite Britney to join her on the stage when she provides the entertainment in Houston, Texas.

Fans of both performers have taken to Twitter in recent weeks to speculate of the possibility of Spears joining Gaga at the Super Bowl LI, making it pretty clear that they’d like to see the two pop superstars join forces for what would be a pretty spectacular halftime show.

Neither Gaga nor Britney have spoken out about the chances of the twosome joining forces for Super Bowl 51, though Entertainment Tonight recently confirmed that Lady Gaga will be bringing out a special guest when she performs the prestigious halftime show in Houston on February 5.

An insider claimed that Gaga has actually had two as-yet-unnamed musical acts actually turn her down after she asked them to join her during the Super Bowl halftime show, but claimed that the “Perfect Illusion” singer does now have a guest artist locked in.

“Lady Gaga is having a guest join her during a song,” a source familiar with the situation confirmed amid the Spears speculation, but did not reveal the name of the artist Gaga has allegedly locked in as her guest performer.


More here: http://www.inquisitr.com/3928034/britney-spears-join-lady-Gaga-special-guest-2017-superbowl-super-bowl-51-halftime-show-rumors/

Bit of a reach, especially as the show is tomorrow, but imaging the slayage! :lostney:

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7 minutes ago, Dynasty said:

Stop doing this to yourselves every single year, its not healthy i swear:meltdown:

Exactly. And I hope not because she's going to look washed up next to Gaga who will prob be singing live or giving good pre-records at least, giving theatrics and putting on a show while Britney is giving knee taps and mimes.

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Look, if it didn't happen two years ago, when Katy said her guest was blonde, and they'd worked together kinda, and then Britney turned up at the Superbowl, and it didn't happen last year when we had photos of Britney's head in the adverts, I don't expect it to happen this year.  If Britney ever has a solo show at it, she'll need a lead single out at a similar time, an album ready for release, a world tour with tickets ready to be released, a new creative team,  as much hype as possible. and an attitude that says ''i'm ready to give the world the best version of Britney''.

If she's gonna do late promo after the initial single hype is released, lack lustre staging, outfits and choreography,  and another vegas medley to promote vegas, I'd rather Gaga's guest be Beyonce, for the third time.

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Nope, she won't be Gaga's guest.  Britney wasn't seen in a studio or rehearsing anything, she was busy all month in Vegas, no preparation, nothing, it doesn't look like someone who's gonna perform at Superbowl. 

And its clear Gaga likes Britney, but she has expressed she doesn't support lip syncing so I'm sure Gaga wouldn't invite Britney to join her on stage.

stop feeding rumors. 

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12 hours ago, Britney M. Carey said:

Yep, Britney does, but Missy IS a nostalgia act. Had it not been for SB her single WTF wouldn't have peaked inside top 10 of the R&B/Hip-Hop chart

And you really think that Britney Spears right now it's not a Nostalgia act? :ponderney:

sorry but Britney every single day is taking the route of the irrelevancy and the nostalgia thing with her cheap POM show  and Larry decisions :staysalty:

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