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When people say Britney doesn't dance like she used to...

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I'd like to kindly direct them to this performance.


Watch her. REALLY watch her and the way she moves. Don't watch her dancers or the lights or the fact she looked like she was naked. She doesn't honestly 'dance' that much. Lots of jumping and *** shaking, but not a ton of 'dancing'. Her dancers mostly do that.


People just want to find something to complain about.


Love you, Britney and the energy you bring!



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Yeah its true, but I think thats a bad example. The slave one is better because watching that I notice most of the time she is just strutting around most of the time. she can still dance, she just needs to build up her confidence back which is why drom the start I was all supportive about vegas and look at so much progress she has made. 

This fanbase ******* about everything, no wonder team Britney dont give a ****.

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I've said this in a previous post, it's the staging. Her previous stage/tour directors were really good at designing numbers to where even if she wasn't doing a lot of dancing, the stage looked busy enough and and the dancers were staged to make it look like a lot was going on but still put Britney as the main focal point. 

...and imagine the meltdowns if Britney does a performance today where she was stationary in one place like she was during the second verse and chorus of that performance? Lol. 

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45 minutes ago, Via Infinito said:

it wasn't dancing per say

it was her speed and energy level which were thru the roof due to being young and athletic

her bad *** choreo helped too



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Lol, she used to dance A LOT, her performances of Toxic at her prime had more energy/choreography than her entire show right now. And please stop blaming the choreographers already, that's just stupid. She can't even do her old choreography fully now, even that bit of slave is now watered down. What do yo have to say about Tinashe outdanced her big time with the same choreography? Can't you just accept the fact that she can't dance like she used to and never will then stop crying/whining/blaming like kids? Mind your own ignorance of the truth... 

Loving her doesn't mean you have to defend her in every situation regardless facts and logic while blaming other might just be innocent people. 

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This was a bad example to prove the point you're trying to make. In this she has so much energy and her facial expressions look fierce, you can't tell that she's exerting herself. Every move is on par if not superior to the backing dancers, and if I'm not mistaken, do we hear hints of her singing live too?

Fast forward to today, her movements are a little on the sloppier side, the choreography is uninspired and her facial expressions are strained at times. This could just be lack of confidence though or to do with her being considerably older than she was back then, when she was younger she had naivety and cockiness which probably enhanced her stage presence whereas today she's more reserved.

Hope this doesn't sound like hate, because I love her, but you just can't compare her peak performances to her current ones. There is a clear difference in quality no matter how hard you try to prove otherwise.

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You're right, it was a natural rhythm and ****** energy that made the performances really click. I've always said she never has had a 100% full out dance routine like an actual dancer, she's been a great/heavy dancer for a pop star. People might laugh but I honestly think her best dancing was in the mall tour and very early tour dates lol Oops, Slave and MATM are all dance heavy but had plenty of walking parts in them too.

I think she's getting back to it and feeling herself, but when you compare Britney and Tinashe last night for example, both are hitting the same marks on time, but it does look like Britney is simply lifting a leg here and moving and arm there whereas Tinashe really gets into the movement and it just looks more fluid.

But I could be just being critical because obviously I'm watching Britney more closely.

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