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  1. Are there any actual fans left on this site these days? This thread is depressing as ****.
  2. This. But even in old footage of her & her dad - like in MTV Diary, which I actually re-watched a few days ago - she sometimes seemed a little uncomfortable around him, which, in retrospect, is pretty telling. Plus, there was her statement about her parents’ separation/divorce being the best thing to happen to their family. Anyone who’s been a fan of hers since the beginning knows that she was always much, much closer to Lynne, which was made even more obvious by how frequently and lovingly Britney spoke about Lynne compared to Jamie (who, looking back, she seemed to “forget” about a lot when talking about her family).
  3. Nah. To me Brett just came across like someone who isn’t afraid to call a friend on her ****, like buying too many of the same dress, biting her nails and messing up her manicure, etc., etc. Lots of people have friends like that. And they can be the best kind of friends because they’re typically honest and don’t bullshit you. I liked Brett for the most part. She seemed like a solid assistant/friend and not fame *****-ish at all.
  4. Alli was a fame ***** who was hoping to use her connection to Britney as a launchpad for a career in country music (it didn’t work, obviously). But I don’t think she was ever malicious or did anything to hurt Britney, not like Sam or the many parasites in her life now.
  5. Minimal vocal talent? Have you ever actually listened to her music? She has a great voice. I mean, ‘Slow It Down’ alone blows most of her contemporaries out of the water vocally.
  6. Most of these were/are on Amazon, for the same price or cheaper.
  7. I actually like that 2009 Candies shoot more than the ones that came before and after.
  8. Nah. Britney Jean is what ruined her image/career, not X-Factor. If anything, the last thing that people saw of her on the show (the live shows) was when she was looking amazing again and showing a little personality.
  9. She didn’t even have a break in 2012...you’re forgetting about X-Factor, which started in spring 2012 (auditions) and lasted until December.
  10. Not really. She lost a bunch of her custodial rights...she’s essentially being punished because her conservator/“father” is an abusive *******.
  11. Are you being sarcastic, or is this for real? Because she’s had darker hair multiple times since the conservatorship began, so she obviously hasn’t been forced to have blonde hair. Come on.
  12. She’s had official merch like this on Amazon for ages. Lots of other artists do, too. This is literally nothing new.
  13. I doubt she’ll wait that long. That would put 4+ years in between albums, which would be her longest hiatus ever (shortly longer than ITZ -> Blackout, though we got lots of new music during that time).
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