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This "Slumber Party" Dance Remix Won't Let You Sleep Tonight

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Country Club Martini Crew transformed Britney's "Slumber Party" from dreamy to dangerous.

Britney just filmed her Eyes Wide Shut (but younger)-inspired music video for the Glory cut which now features Tinashe, but it won't premiere for a month or two. Fortunately, Country Club Martini Crew took it upon themselves to reimagine it for us while we wait.

They stripped the song of producers Mattman & Robin and Mischke's whimsical elements, replacing it with an electro dubstep beat fit for the dance floor.

They also managed to get ahold of the stems of the track (the various individual parts that make up a song) and highlight unheard vocals from Britney.

It's Halloween weekend, a time to pretend you're something you are not. Perfect timing for a monstrous "Slumber Party" remix, eh?


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Listen to the Nick* & Country Martini Club Crew Remix here. Club banger, sistrens! 2dsgsd4.gif Already #1 in all Vegas nightclubs. :queenflopga:

And these new vocals! :crying4:


Larry, **** the official remix, say "it did not work", and use their remix in a killer dance video! So many possible dance breaks!  :crying1:

(With Britney dancing with only red glitter on her) :crying2:


PS: their Do You Wanna Come Over? remix was already fire! Single worthy remix! :crying11: 

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6 minutes ago, Juicy baby said:

What the f ? Am I hearing new vocals at the end ? :OMGney:

Nick* always get additional stems from the recording sessions. I guess he knows people working at RCA or Sony. :tbh:

6 minutes ago, timito said:

It's made really good but personally I don't like that stile of music and this makes it too mainstream in my opinion. What I loved about SP was the fact that the sound is so different. 

It is a bit basic during the chorus (Country Club Martini Crew usually is), but I like the uptempo take on the song. :crying1:

Knowing Nick*, he may release another remix of his own at some point. :letitburn:

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