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Found 5 results

  1. Bonjour!! ****** <3 <3 ****** I'm Greta, a longtime lurker of this forum – and also a huge britney fan <3 A few years ago I posted here, for my BA final project where I made a book about Britney. I was wondering if anyone here owns a copy of The Onyx Hotel Tour Book, that was for sale as merchandise on the tour? And also if you have any stories or thoughts related to it? Like did you buy it when you saw her on the tour or from Ebay? How did you feel about it? I'm doing a little (actually it's pretty big) fan-made version of it – risoprinted in four colors. Below is a photo of one of the pages in the book. The reason I ask this, is because I'm studying for my Masters degree at the Estonian Academy of Art in Graphic Design – I'm currently working on a project titled "The Most Beautiful Books" where I investigate the influence of pop culture designs on people, and specifically how the material Britney released has had an effect on what I find beautiful. Sorry if this is a really weird question! I appreciate any and all answers hihi <3 <3 <3 xoxo greta ******
  2. I think it would be INSANE seeing primeney perform “Gimme More” from the Femme Fatale tour. It’s just so grand and even with the minimal dancing there is still a lot to take in. She would’ve added better choreography and I feel like it would go down as one of her best. Thoughts?
  3. THE GLITCH TOUR 😱 (put ur concepts below if u want 😂) SETLIST: act one: the program 1. if u seek amy 2. gasoline 3. i’m a slave 4 u interlude: riddle rosehearts act two: queen of hearts 1. phonography 2. break the ice 3. seal it with a kiss 4. (drop dead) beautiful / rock me in 5. breathe on me 6. autumn goodbye / do u wanna come over? / the hook up 7. oops! i did it again... interlude: bombastic love act three: glitter 1. circus 2. toy soldier / overprotected (the dark child remix) 3. criminal 4. lace n leather 5. liar 6. 3 interlude: showdown act four: code 1. tik tik boom / (u drive me) crazy) / hold it against me 2. baby one more time... / i wanna go 3. slumber party 4. womanizer 5. up n down / shattered glass 6. hold me closer 7. stronger / gimme more interlude: toxic intro act five: encore 1. toxic extra songs (songs only performed on certain dates 😂) 1. perfect lover 2. lucky (i hate my dad remix 😈 /j) 3. scream & shout / everybody / (i got that) boom boom 4. scary 5. boys 6. everytime / swimming in the stars 7. make me... / me myself & i 8. amnesia / selfish 9. my prerogative / s&m (remix) 10. tom’s diner 11. freakshow / piece of me 12. mood ring (pride remix) / matches opening acts: 1. rina sawayama 2. ashnikko
  4. One answer only. Since all her tours are wrapped up (afaik, nothing about Domination revealed yet) I thought it'd be fun to see what people on here like the most. I'm gonna wait a bit with my own answer because I have a top three and can't decide on which one (For the sake of not having 100 options I left out the promo tours, like the BOMT mall tour)
  5. With Coronavirus ravaging the world, touring has come to a complete halt. Artists who had plans to tour this year have either cancelled altogether or moved show dates to 2021. Major mainstream artists like Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, Gaga, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber... they're known for very lengthy tours. Sometimes performing the same tour for up to two maybe even three years. Same goes for lesser known artists who rely almost exclusively on touring to make ends meet. Do you think that'll keep happening in light of the pandemic and the impending economic collapse? Or will artists opt for shorter stints? Thoughts? Related:
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