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Found 3 results

  1. I'm starting: How many threads @GlitterRain create per day? Isn't he superhuman? Why are here so many members who watching threads and never said anything? Why still seems @Garrett James to be upset at everything? @AmandaLick why are you so quiet in threads and so alive in chat window? Oh my, my baby don't be shy Please answer me ... and start ask more body questions at others!
  2. Hey Exhalers, I was chatting with my sister last night over text and of course I was sending gifs along with my messages. She then responded with: "Fun fact I just found out recently - using GIFs with a person that's not of your own background is called digital black face 🤯" I was dumbfounded because that sounded so absurd and ridiculous. Exhales, do you agree?? I just use gifs to portray emotion and sass, fun, humor, etc. Never once has it ever crossed my mind that I can't be using gifs with people of a different color than me. I find this another extreme snowflake 2021 view and complete b.s but thought I'd check in to see what your thoughts are? If I use an Asian is it Asian face? Why do we focus so much on black face and not al other races too? I feel like racism through the eyes of snowflakes are so one toned. Only focus on one race when countless of races get discrimated against. Same with representation and portrayal on TV. Like, the Simpsons for example. Everyone got so upset the voice actors weren't the same color as the people they were voicing, but the only people that had a problem with that were white people. Not once did I hear of an Asian being offended, or a black person etc. And why is it okay then to make fun of Scottish, French, British etc people? Do we just not care about the stereotype portrait of them because they are white? British people hate how much TV makes fun of their teeth for example. And speaking with a British accent is okay, but if I were to speak with a Jamaican accent it's racist? Lastly, it annoys me how strongly opiniated these white Karen snowflakes are on Twitter about TV and movie portrayal buy do you ever hear them complain about justice elsewhere? I think they just choose the celebrity world because it makes THEM sound like they are good people and all they want are the likes, attention and to go viral. Look at me and how woke I am etc. It serves a purpose for themselves not for others. There is also reverse racism where it's suddenly okay to say things like "dumb white people" or "those white bishes" or "we are better than white people","don't marry that white person" which wouldn't be okay if it were said about anyone else hut why is it okay to accept reverse racism? I agree with Sharon Osborne. If I say I don't like you and you happen to be black I am not racist. I just don't like you. I could give a rats *** what color you are, if I don't like you I just don't like you whether u are white, black, yellow, brown, purple, green. I could go on all day, but I just think this conversation is so one toned when there are many layers and there needs to be equal respect accross the board, not to whatever is trending at the time so that you get more likes. Be genuine. Thus ends my rant. But please respond respectfully and with thoughtful comments because I just want to start a conversation.
  3. With Coronavirus ravaging the world, touring has come to a complete halt. Artists who had plans to tour this year have either cancelled altogether or moved show dates to 2021. Major mainstream artists like Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, Gaga, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber... they're known for very lengthy tours. Sometimes performing the same tour for up to two maybe even three years. Same goes for lesser known artists who rely almost exclusively on touring to make ends meet. Do you think that'll keep happening in light of the pandemic and the impending economic collapse? Or will artists opt for shorter stints? Thoughts? Related:
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