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Found 9 results

  1. Every Madonna album ranked on The Odyssey Online. View it here: Related:
  2. Mirwais Well associated with His work for Madonna, Particularly 2000's Music, 2003's American Life and beginning stages of Confessions on a dance floor before Madonna changed the direction as he was making the music political and Madonna felt her documentary 2005's I'm going to Tell you a secret was her political statements, the Music needed to be something. So he virtually disappeared after the initial stages of the project until they reunited for 2019's Madame X. Basically why it happened. Simply. "All these American Celebs from Miley Cyrus, Rosie, Whoopi threatened to leave the US if Trump was elected but never did. However, Madonna stayed true to her word once he won the election she moved her entire family to Portugal.. the other celebs was empty words, But Madonna stayed true to her word and that should be admired" He also said Madonna is a bull in the studio, she has a direct vision you find yourself literally bullfighting with her to have an artistic input, but overall she says it best, it's not a collaboration, it's a Madonna album and you're the producer, but I'm the executive producer and A&R, meaning I have final say it what gets out.
  3. https://www.elephantjournal.com/2020/06/why-madonnas-madame-x-was-a-year-too-early/?fbclid=IwAR3rqjZfZmKa-lJufmkP1fGj1VXXptF4CFe_r79BBHghdGuU3eCXNa-LsWU A blog and I full heartedly agree. Given the political nature we are in today. Declares Madame X by cultural icon Madonna came a year to early. Everything she talked about and discussed in the 2019 Underrated return to Artsy Madonna. Is more relevant in 2020. Proving once Again. Madonna was ahead of the curve and saw not only the world. But where the US was heading like The prophet we love her for. Seriously go on and Google everytime Madonna warned us about the actions we have caused as a society. Whether it's the 2003 Music video for American life that was pulled. That's even a more relevant message to. Slam M all you want. But Madonna saw where the world was heading. As usual none of y'all listened til it was too late.. @JordanMiller @Roxxy
  4. Why was Madonna's Madame X so underrated and not a commercial success? The way the album was received reminded me of American Life which was one of her best albums and ahead of its time with its message and topics it dealt with. Madame X was as well one of Madonna most ambitious albums music wise , creativity wise and even the music videos. "Dark Ballet" reminded me of the "Like A Prayer" video and song. So why was Madame X overlooked? Does Madonna's age have to do with it? Is she expected to fail and go away and never do music again?
  5. The one year anniversary of Madonna's critically acclaimed album "Madame X" happens this Sunday. It's her most politically charged album to-date. From "God Control" tackling gun control on a disco floor. Even The Lyric God and ****ography. A new democracy actually is basically the state of the US culture. To "Batuka" (where David Banda is a co writer as well) even boldly states that Donald Trump belongs in a jail cell. To "Killers" who are partying where Madonna admits she would rather take the pain and suffering of all the minorities around the world in order to let them breathe. But she does acknowledge. She knows who she is, and she knows who she's not. But she also asks the listener, do you know who you are? And what you're worth as well. To talking in Extreme Occident. How at one point she did lose sight of who she was and basically felt lost and blames no one but herself, but does state she wasn't lost and has the right to do whatever she wants. To looking for mercy. Where she's seeking forgiveness and redemption. Stating nobody taught her what was accepted and what wasn't accepted to end the album, which had become the official anthem of World Pride 2019. Madonna was picked by Stonewall themselves as the official ambassador. I RISE BECAME THE OFFICIAL PRIDE ANTHEM. Madonna's rave reviewed World Pride set was seen as a preview of her upcoming Madame X theater tour.. But the best material can't be streamed or is available in the US. A two CD, hard book, limited edition was offered outside North America and South America. Many fans agree the three songs could have easily replaced some of the tracks. She even reworked a fav Rebel heart leaked track and included it in the limited edition 2 CD set.
  6. Watch it before her team takes it down. Some sneaky people were able to create a 90 minute highlight special. Through sneaky phones and her social media posts of the secretive madame X tour. As you see she brought her arenas and stadiums type of concert production for a 3,000 seater theaters. Ugh I stan forever the greatest live performer of the MTV blueprint
  7. I wasn't particularly in love with "Madame X" when it first came out. The only songs that I genuinely liked and listened to were "I Rise", "God Control" and "Faz Gostoso" (the potential #1 single that got away). What hurt my listening experience the most was the unfavorable preconceived notions about "Madame X" that I had. I was convinced that the album would be a generic desperate trend-chasing mess filled with overdone reggaeton and stuff. However, that couldn't have been further from the truth. The album isn't like that at all. Even "Medellín" I wouldn't call generic. Anyway... I kind of gave up on "Madame X" after my first few listens, but now, after some time has passed, I've relistened to it again a few more times and somehow I've been absolutely loving it. The only songs that I still don't like are "Medellín" and "Bish I'm Loca". The rest are freakin' amazing. Highlights: Dark Ballet, God Control, Crave, Crazy, Faz Gostoso, I Don't Search I Find, I Rise, Extreme Occident, Killers Who Are Partying. Another thing I'm thankful for is that Madonna never gives up on eras even if she flops. We got 3 singles and 4 wonderful music videos despite the fact that none of the songs charted. Britney can't relate.
  8. Madonna posted on Twitter. She's in self quarantine. And typing on a type writer named corona. She also hints at new music. Cos there's new stories to tell. Cos stories keep the world alive when hope is needed at this desperate time of need. She also hints. Madame X is very much alive and didn't die in Paris when the tour ended.
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