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Your first impression when you saw Britney

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Might be a repeated/recycled post but when you first saw Britney's image (might be her BOMT cover or BOMT video or other mv) what did you think of her? I'm talking about the first impression. I'm curious. Discuss.





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I remember I wanted to be her so bad because I thought she was the prettiest girl ever. I don’t remember exactly when was the first time I saw her, but I remember being glued to MTV to watch her videos and I would turn up the volume whenever her name was mentioned on TV. I also remember my parents bought me everything Britney related whenever we would come to the USA (before moving here) and my entire bedroom was covered in Britney posters.

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I loved her right away! I was in Ukraine at the time and everyone was always saying nice things about her. I had a neighbor friend who was obsessed with her and so I knew she was a big deal and that she was really sweet. This was back in 2001 when she released slave I think. I remember not knowing English at the time too and I would ask my friend is this Britney too ? every time I heard an American singer :bareclap_beyonce_slow_clapping:this was already when she was a blonde. My friend showed me her pictures too and I was surprised to see her with brown hair. I thought she looked a little bit older and kind of unrecognizable 

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I remember first seeing her on the Mickey Mouse club and thinking she seemed like a cool girl but I was still really young when MMC was airing. Then years later when I heard BOMT on the radio, I didn’t even know it was the same girl from MMC but thought it sounded like a cool song. Then I saw the video on TRL shortly after this and I was like “omg It’s the girl from Disney MMC! She’s sooo cool!” And was hooked since then. :) 

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There was something special the minute I saw her. It was March 1999 and I saw the "...baby one more time" video and I had been hearing about this naughty girl Britney Spears and I was instantly entranced. I thought she was the prettiest girl I had ever seen and loved her dancing and the vocodered "Oh baby baby" in the intro of the song. It was basically love at first sight.

baby one more time GIF

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