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POP EMERGENCY: Is “exhale” finished? - Jordan speaks!!

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Is Exhale finished?? 

In a recent post, Exhale and Breatheheavy website owner expressed some doubts on exhales future - sources close to Jordan quoted him as saying:

To be honest… I’m getting to a place where I don’t really know what to do with exhale anymore. No matter what I do there’s criticism. Either it’s too negative, or too positive and people feel censored, or moderators get backlash, or there’s not enough moderating, and on and on. I just feel like I can’t win anymore and I am not really sure how (or if I want) to proceed. Not a cryptic threat. Just wondering if Exhale has run its course.” 

Thoughts, feelings? What will happen when Britney releases her next album? I’ll be damned before I sign up to ATRL :messbye_britney_pink_leave_walking_running_bye_goodbye_away:

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Just now, easy said:

pleasing everyone will never happen. i think it's quite obvious the members that are here for healthy discussion regarding britney and the ones that want to derail and spin their own harmful narratives. the issue starts when the members who only want to derail and push harmful narratives are allowed to do so and stay. i think there should be a sit down of what exhale started as, what it was supposed to be, etc. and see how that fits into the current state of things. you're gonna make some people mad, but that's life. do you want exhale to be the place where conspiracy thrives? where people have their "freedom of speech" and no consequence? where harmful "opinions" that britney "isn't well" because she *checks notes* danced in her living room? or do you want exhale to be a place where there is healthy, discourse surrounding britney's life and career? where people realize that she is a free woman who has been through an unthinkable amount of trauma that none of us could ever properly understand. that she is a woman who deserves grace and understanding. where she isn't judged for what she does or doesn't do, but praised for her strength and celebrated for her personal and professional accomplishments? the conspiracy wackadoos already have their places to thrive, do they need another?

This response is everything, thank you! This would be amazing and exactly what I want.

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