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Britney's instagram (2013-2016)

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1 minute ago, Body ache said:

I have to say in the newer instagram photos she looks really sad in the eyes. It could also be that they were giving her happy pills back then because in some of these photos she looks exaggerated in the eyes and in her smile.

Yes it’s like one extreme to the other isn’t it? In some of these she looks over the top happy, so it could be that they had her on a high dose of antidepressant- pure speculation of course. The sadness is really noticeable in her recent pics. 

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1 hour ago, easy said:

very telling that people prefer the dream vs the reality. britney is pictured with her literal abuser (robin) and her fake friends in these photos, but hey! at least she's not implying nudity or spinning in her living room right?! you know, doing things that SHE wants vs what they told her to do.

Aside from Robin Goblin, why do you think the rest were “fake friends”? She looked genuinely happy in the pics with them. I don’t prefer the dream over the reality, but what exactly is the reality? To me, she doesn’t look that happy alone and spinning around her living room. But like you, I’m an outsider and don’t really know how she’s feeling.

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45 minutes ago, uwannapieceofme said:

seeing these makes me feel so icky knowing now that she didnt have any control over her own life :( ESPECIALLY the picture of her and robin at dinner, britney was hugging her pretty close it makes me wonder if she liked robin at one point????

It is interesting… even at vma 2016 they sat next to each other and we’re talking to each other like friends as they watched Rihanna’s performance…but Britney truly didn’t have a choice so ig she would be friendly with Robin since she was around 24/7…

idk makes me think about me and my roommate, I don’t like my roommate but yet because he’s always there and I don’t have a choice atm I talk and laugh with him quite often simply because he’s there lol

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it’s mind boggling that people think she’s more relaxed now - she usually looks deeply sad, lost, tranquilized, or disoriented. theoretically, her quality of life how should be much better but it seems like she’s been on a steady decline since 2019 because of that cursed facility stay. everyone involved with that should be jail. i really think that broke brit. 

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12 minutes ago, s&m said:

Tell me that you would rather have Britney in a conservatorship than being free!

You are  no better than her father 



There was an instagram text about not seeing a doctor in a year even though she was on pain. Also we only see her in her house or with Sam. Do you think this is a good healing process? 

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18 minutes ago, pbarcelos said:

we don't know how their realationship was

but britney seemed like herself around him, and now we only see her speaking with her husband in that childish voice

He obviously didn't care enough to tell people about the inner workings of the con not stay with her and help her with ending it.

People seem to forget what a bold and power soughing process it was over a year. For a relationship to get through this, it's beautiful. No matter his intentions, she's happy. If you're not, then be glad she doesn't care about your opinion.

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14 minutes ago, pbarcelos said:

There was an instagram text about not seeing a doctor in a year even though she was on pain. Also we only see her in her house or with Sam. Do you think this is a good healing process? 

Because she's afraid of doctors especially so close towards the ending of the con... Who wouldn't be after what she went through.

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