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  1. Dunno as a gay person myself I kinda feel entitled to say this as a sentiment towards how unknown her album release was to the (hetero***ual) general public. But he's straight, it was a joke not a d*** don't take it so hard
  2. In Germany nobody even knew she had music out. I even suspected my gym instructor for being gay because he put on break the ice even it came out and it wasn't a fitness mix CD but a self burned one so he must've known.
  3. What disconnects me with Gaga with this story is her not taking reign of the abuse by calling out the names or releasing photos of the abusers. She says "I don't ever want to see them ever again" what I hear "I advocate against abuse but it's none of my business if these people keep on abusing other women nor for me to safe those from what I have been through". Why share this trauma if nothing good comes out of it (I mean more than a few bangers). It's sending the wrong message and as I said disconnects me with her on so many levels.
  4. Me neither but it felt like with Epstein, an open secret in the industry that nobody talked about and everybody knew/suspected.
  5. Hmm.... Looks like a I marry my best friend wedding. Could go down good or horribly bad
  6. Well, the public felt betrayed. Someone who is nice and bubbly in front of camera but an a......e behind it towards the staff needs a reality fix. The audience felt understandably cheated into believing Ellen's show was a nice workplace, now they had the truth in mind while watching the show. It's unsettling. And you can't deny the way Ellen did not react to these rumours for years or even decades shows how she was reluctant to make a better workspace and be a better multimillion dollar host for the staff. Mind you the outroar of her dumping hand the staff during covid because she streamed from home. She has millions of dollars and acts this foolish in the middle of a crisis? Hell she deserves the backlash and also the intensity of it.
  7. I only see people shaming the cult in the industry to get surgeries and beauty injections instead of coming clear with oneself. She can do what she wants with her body, but captioning this all filtered up with "living my best" life does offend me in the way that she promotes this cult intentionally or unintentionally.
  8. By the way can I remind you how yellow press works? There is someone tinkering with stories about people that are in the media anyways these days, write a bs story or faked interview and it gets released. If it's too far from the truth and far stretched, agency of the person who the story was about will sue. But the tabloids have already been sold, the money is made and the sun made profit. They calculate with getting sued and making enough money with the issue to still make a plus. It's not journalism that you get, it's clickbait websites printed. So I would refrain from posting stories from the sun as they lack almost every integrity that should be present in the news/press media.
  9. How should they compete? Rita doesn't have an album out dua still milks her first album. And don't tell me there's not enough space for the as it feels 15 pop girls right now... Bet it's the sun bring unreliable as always
  10. Cancel her already, she says she's triggered by a froyo shop with sugar free options and tells loud and clearly she's trying California sober as all or nothing isn't working for her... How triggering is that for an alcoholic? It's dangerous to young people who (for what reason) take her advice on these things and for adults who need an excuse to drink. Honestly, I unfollowed her Instagram lately as it was the same "beauty" pics and shallow representation of someone who plays the role of someone who is okay with himself but can't hide there's grief and unhinged habits of destruction of others for personal reasons.
  11. Well come on, she cancelled a Vegas show "for her dad". The media and fans argue it was because of ticket sales, yet she has not been seen with her/near her dad to even do a bit of damage control? That is very odd. I believe she is not with her dad, there´s no indication for that on any SM account of the Spears family. She was seen out and about with Sam one or two weeks after the news broke nowhere near her dad, why should she be with him now?
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