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What was your reaction to the bathroom dance scene in Piece Of Me?

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1 minute ago, Slayer said:

I personally LOVED it so much, I remember loving seeing her hair go up and down :makeup_kylie_jenner_makeup_brush_lol_laugh_haha_hehe_lmao:

What made me like it more is knowing she came up with that pretty much on the spot.

I personally LOVE the POM music video.

Literally same to everything :shaking_shake_gold_yellow:

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2 minutes ago, GlitterRain said:

Where did she find these background dancers though?  :cackling_cackle_lol_what_unbelievable_disbelief_glasses_meme:

drunk bachelorettes whoring out in Vegas vibes

I remember a thread listing annoying people of Britney's MV including that journalist in IUSA, these dancers, the girl from stronger beginning and I don't remember what else :katyclown_makeup_mess_pie_meme_smile: funny thread tbh 

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Just now, Slayer said:

I remember the exact day on Exhale of her recording the music video...

I just remember her showing up so late :makeup_kylie_jenner_makeup_brush_lol_laugh_haha_hehe_lmao: I was sooooo young.

We had the pap videos of her arriving on set, I'll see if I can find them.

 That would be so cool!! :OMGney_britney_surprised_no_way_shocked_wide_eyes:

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