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We need to promote and spread the word when the song is out

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We need to do all we can to promote the song :lemmetellu_telling_preaching_yelling_talking_points_finger:

We need to stream, tweet about it, post about it, request it! 

Also importantly we just need to show Britney love and hopefully the positive reaction will lead to her potentially making music again.

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5 minutes ago, Zach F said:

I think this will be her easiest number 1 hit 

I don't know...there is a lot of competition out there right now.

Plus Britney isn't really a streaming act, but then again she hasn't released in a long time. I'm hoping Elton pays for good play listing and radio deals :lemmetellu_telling_preaching_yelling_talking_points_finger:

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Hold me closer ♫ 🚀🌹

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I know the odds of it going to number 1 are pretty much non-existent, but imagine if it did.  Britney would have a number 1 in 4 different decades

90’s - BOMT

00’s - Womanizer

10’s - HIAM & S&M

20’s - HMC (we wish)

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