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  1. Excited for this. My sister invited me as her date to the live show. Hope I am able to make it. Anyone know who is performing?
  2. ******* love her. Maybe I am biased because I am Cuban and from Miami but to me home girl is genuine and has an amazing voice! Plus, I am obviously a sucker for some good Latin beats. She for sure does not use exhale. SO hate on haters. It ain’t phasing no one. 🤡
  3. What I got from this is that she’s clearly going through a transitional period gaining her freedom back. There’s a lot of interest in Britney Spears again. She doesn’t have team con controlling her moves, which also means to a certain extent she is more vulnerable to pap culture. As far as performing again. Britney loves it. I think she just needs a moment to enjoy her life on her terms. B girl is gonna find herself again. I give it a year or so and weaves will be hitting the floor. Everyone is going to want work with her and after sometime living her life on her terms she will be inspired. At least I selfishly hope so. **** that. The stage is her happy place. When she’s performing FOR Britney FOR her fans, you can feel it.
  4. I have a red coat dobey and I didn’t crop his ears either. 💖
  5. I don’t want to keep dissecting this BUT if you ask me… Xtina’s team very easily could’ve intentionally gone with the name Jamie to generate buzz. Most likely Xtina had nothing to do with what clip was chosen and posted either. & to state the obvious (she’s doing individual bday shout outs) she could use the buzz.
  6. I mean the exhale banter was fun. Geez. I remember why I’ve rarely posted anything since being on here since 2007. BREATHE, Y’ALL. Inhale, EXHALE. It’s a pop music message board. 🥴🤡
  7. & now I am inclined to believe Britney said it in good fun but noticed it was blown up. OR she caused just the right amount of stir she wanted and said **** it. Repost. Bye, Fausto. LOL but honestly don’t think she’s trying to get into pettiness after everything she’s been through. All I know is that, I am so confident Britney 100% said that towards Xtina. Who the **** is Fausto on the same day Xtina posts Happy Bday Jamie? it was fun for a bit tho.
  8. 100% shade from Britney. 50% shade possibilities from Xtina. The only name posted on her Insta Story is Jamie’s. 100% here for this.
  9. I’m sure respecting Britney’s wishes and keeping quiet till she decided to speak. If he was an enemy, she would have cut him, like she has seemingly her family.
  10. What U See (Is What U Get) ”believe me you’ll be looking for trouble if you hurt me. I can promise you- you’ll be looking for trouble.” 💖
  11. Hahaha. I’ve had the pleasure to hang out with him on multiple occasions and he is beyond lovely. He’s quite handsome as well. Happily married with really sweet wife and kids, though.
  12. Hey, guys. I’ve been on here since about 2007 but only just recently started to post. Thought I would share this since we just had Britney Week on DWTS. My sister has been a profesional dancer on the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing for 8 years and just this year left the show as she is now the host for their weekday show It Takes Two. In 2014 her celeb partner Jake Wood and her did a dance to Toxic and I thought I would share with you all. Also, fun bit of trivia. She was on So You Think You Can Dance? in the US and was partnered with Brant Bryant- one of Britney’s dancers for Piece of Me in Vegas. Such an awesome guy! We are all still friends. He definitely hooked me up with great tickets to POM. Here’s a video of a dance they did on SYTYCD to a choreography by, of course, Wade Robson. Lol I think I posted this in the right forum. My apologies if not! Just thought I would share.
  13. My sister and her celeb partner Jake Wood in the UK actually did a dance to Britney’s “Toxic” in 2014 for those who care to see here it is below.
  14. My sister is a professional dancer on the UK version of this show, Strictly Come Dancing, and they always have a live rendition of the songs they perform. The US version, has a mix of live and original tracks. To my understanding it has to do with rights to the music.
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