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25 minutes ago, GlitterRain said:

I just wanted to remind you of the fact that Britney is now a free woman and that your days of bullying and trafficking her are over! She’s about to release a new song with the legendary Sir Elton John, meanwhile your guys name is being drug through the mud and exposed for the traffickers that you all truly are. 

Britney is free and in charge of her life now which means you guys can’t do anything to stop her success from here on out. Britney’s fans will always unite together to ensure that Justice continues to be served and that you all do not get away with the crimes that you have committed against Britney. 

I hope they allow you guys to listen to some music in prison so that you can hear Britney's new song faithfully and all of the success that Britney will be receiving now that she’s a free woman with absolute control over her life. 

Your guys’ time is almost up and please be sure to purchase Hold Me Closer  :bouncey:


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