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Mona Lisa Painting Vandalised With Cake At The Louvre

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1 hour ago, Stefani said:

I always heard it was a copy and that the real one isn't available to the public. :ponderney_britney_thinking_sunglasses_hmm_wondering_deciding_orange_blue: This is so disrespectful though. And why tf were people just standing around taking pictures/videos of the incident? :umwtf_britney_wth_um_wow_eyes_big_okay:

Capturing the new historic moment 🙄

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20 minutes ago, IForgotYouExisted said:

Literally decided to stream Mona Lisa by Britney a few times just because I think this is too crazy for words lmao. Humanity never fails to shock.

It’s lyrically great and legendary 👍 

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18 hours ago, RreestriReegliReedi13 said:

either way, i don't have too much appreciation to the painting. i fail to see how its so precious. i like some graffiti in my town much more

and yeah i know its just my opinion. i am not the type adoring the museums or smth.

Esthetically, the Mona Lisa painting doesn't appeal to me either. It's more so the art historical value, the lore, the painter, etc. that has solidifed it's significance in art and cultural history. I appreciate that about the painting. Other than that: :gum_britney_chewing_chomping_2006_2007_Red:

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