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  1. I thought Michael Myers was the guy from Austin powers lol
  2. I am both thrilled and scared. Netflix is huge and they would do anything for audience. Hope its not pro-con.
  3. lol I also heard a minister saying she was lying
  4. nicki is occupied measuring her vaccinated relatives' balls lol hope Anna never invites her to the MET again
  5. I dont think it was a bad performance, she just didnt feel like doing it so she just showed up (like that selena gomez performance). If she had slayed in choreo, she would still be criticized about playback or her body or whatever.. ps. internet is all about body positivity nowadays except when its about britney's 2007 body. shame on you guys.
  6. I care. He's a black gay (power bottom) RAPPER. those guys are all homophobic and they must be dying that such a queen is dominating the charts
  7. THANK U!!! Apart from him trying to be president the only moments I remeber he exists are related to kim
  8. ppl say life is short but that dress ... loves it
  9. you know there’s more than one type of meds in the world and each one have different side effects, right ? Britney doesn’t take corticoids or immunossupressants chronically (luckily). Glasses are also for reading, Britneywithglasses
  10. That’s both lupus and the meds she has to take to keep the disease in remission. They develop Cushing’s syndrome. Not to mention the meds she takes because she has received a kidney from another person. Sarah Hyland from modern family is also an example
  11. How is JT an ally? Is it bc he has gay friends and hangs out with Ellen ? Gosh. Him and his art have always been entirely straight public oriented
  12. Sad but true lol the thing is that we’ve seen celebrities in trouble and what happened to them. It’s not pretty. Lana has her own way of making death/suicide/male abuse glamorous and desirable. Something like “let’s make a video about loving abusive men and make it look like a vogue cover from the 80s”
  13. I’ve read a Times article once about how our generation believes social networks are public domain when in fact we have zero power over it. Zuck alone is bigger than any country today. Im Not defending him as well because facts are facts: he’s got data on every single human connected
  14. I guess you can when he OWNS the social media. He’s the boss girl. If he wants to shut it down, he can. ps not defending azaleia here lol girl is nuts
  15. I just read her comment again and it’s just horrible hahaha she’s really listing her non white friends to make a point lol ***** I’d be mad
  16. I don’t think she’s racist but she does glamourises abuse, suicide, unhealthy behaviour... she’s like the worst role model to teenagers and we are living in a world where Demi Lovato exists
  17. SATC without Samatha is pointless. The three actresses together don’t have half her charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent.
  18. Home girl does heroine/and all the other hard drugs but the vaccine is dangerous lol
  19. Are we still supporting them ? I mean: anahi being married to a homophobic politician, Dulce has been cancelled for being against women’s right, Christopher always posts stupid **** (even during the pandemics when he posted news celebrating bolsonaro - the hated Brazilian president)
  20. Also, I’ve been to Beyoncé’s last concert (last face it the girl puts a lot effort) and Everyone was my age and above. I remember watching the Super Bowl with my 16 yo brother and sister and they lost interest and said they didn’t care for the pole dancing and the choreography
  21. Dua is exactly what the new generation consumes. Ariana also looks bored and too cool for school all the time. The time of the naked hair flipping divas has gone and we are getting old. She doesn’t suck because she’s not doing a backflip or twerking on a guys lap. Look at Billie, Ariana, the weekend, Rosalia .. they all have this attitude and none of them even cares about dancing
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