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JLO is a really talented vocalist

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8 hours ago, Midnight said:

It's so sad how people don't give her the credit she deserves.

She set the standard so high and paved the way for girls like Selena Gomez and Rihanna. :miley_cyrus_stare_meme:

Justice for Jenny, it's hard to walk a mile in her shoes :byetina_xtina_Christina_aguilera_pink_leave_bye_walk_leave_carpet_cheetah_hat:

PleASE hdhdjjdjd

but also rihanna and I rn:

:tbh_britney_nod_yes_yas_ftr_for_the_record_vma_2008_circus: so u can take ur fake apology and shove it right up ur HAIRY :ahhhhh_britney_scream_scared_panic_shocked_surprised:

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11 hours ago, FemmeFataleBrit said:

I honestly don’t get why she gets so much more hate than Britney. I love Britney but based only on what we hear in songs, JLo obviously sounds better.

Britney is totally the better singer but most people sadly only get to hear her baby voice.

Jlo is a mediocre vocalist. She also steals her songs and she doesn't sing her choruses. . . .she doesn't get more hate than Britney either. Sit down. 

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