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Machine Gun Kelly Name Drops Britney In New Song

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5 hours ago, holiday89 said:

Machine Gun Kelly has a new song out featuring Lil Wayne and he mentions Britney shaving her head. "I cut my hair off like Britney". So uncalled for!

Britney shaved her head. That’s a fact. I don’t perceive him to be mocking her just because he used it as an analogy/reference. Let’s, as a whole internet, stop getting so upset about everything. I don’t know Britney and Britney doesn’t know me but I can tell you right now she doesn’t give two ****s about this. She’s talked about this already - “what the hell was I thinking.”

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I don't see anything wrong about mentioning it unless he's saying it in an insulting way... Marina also mentioned it in a song and I liked it.

It was a huge huge pop culture moment, so of course it's referenced. And more and more people reference it from a relatable point of view, which is good.

Sometimes I think fans get too paternalistic about it, like they think it's something to be ashamed of. 

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1 hour ago, Jaime Jean said:

Ehh **** MGK he sucks but I don’t think it was career suicide when Eminem was talking about how crazy she is and how he’d pick up her script for seroquel for her. 

it was 13 years ago... everything's changed since then. in this day and age you need to think before you speak.

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