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I won’t believe anything on social media until she goes live

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5 hours ago, ovoxo said:

I agree 100% with the fact we should only take her testimony as her true words. But in regards to her IG, I feel like being patient won’t do much. A huge reason she’s make so much progress recently is because of us being vocal. We were patient for 13 years and look what happened. If her team is using her account (which I believe) as a tactic to paint her in a certain light, it’s going to be very damaging for her case. I say we should nip this and either debunk this theory or confirm it’s not her. We’re a powerful army girl :letitburn_elmo_fire_flames_burn:

we should address her lawyer about this - i know some fans have already emailed him asking for clarifications on her IG.

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8 hours ago, Slayer said:

Even if she did go live some of you would say ‘omg there’s probably someone threatening her behind the camera’ - no matter what she says you will choose not to believe it.

Also a live would not be best if she gets an influx of hate. She doesn’t owe anyone anything and she does not owe us to go live just because you do not believe her.

This. I’m glad it’s already been said in this thread.  I’ve said/thought it time and time again. Idk why y’all think going live is the solution. 

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45 minutes ago, nthenwkiss said:

we should address her lawyer about this - i know some fans have already emailed him asking for clarifications on her IG.

Nnnn idk about all that :nonono_britney_nope_head_shake:


on a side note, after seeing Sam’s story, my theory is that she doesn’t write captions on her Instagram, but we see her authentic self on Sam’s. 

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3 hours ago, Danielle1987 said:


Love seeing common sense !!

There’s a small percentage that still exists in the world :hugs_madonna_britney_ftr_2008_circus_hugging_friends_support:


3 hours ago, ThisMeowBiteback said:

This asf!! Y’all are being like her family, trying to control her. Y’all keep saying it’s not her, what if this is her & her own fans trying to control what she say. 

Who is team con? I’m tired hearing this atp someone tell me who are they? 

Everybody has left? It would be crazy for everyone to have access to her account besides Jamie. 

Do you really think a old fragile man is writing this or his lawyers are? 

If this wasn’t Britney I’m sure her lawyer would have said something now newsflash Britney has secure a private lawyer, a lot of ****ery has came to a stop

then can you explain why every caption has no relation to the video? Can you explain why every caption written is just a regurgitated version of what she’s said in the past? I’m not 100% of anything besides the court docs, but something isn’t sitting right with me. 

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