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#TBT: Thalia uploads higher quality of her 1997 video for Filipino song 'Nandito Ako'

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36 minutes ago, Ofcoursenot said:

:slowdown_down_cardib_b_cardi_um_fast_confused_what_stare: What's the story behind this song?

Well there must be more details in the story, but basically, with her telenovelas she became huge in the Philippines, like HUGE. When she went there, there was a commotion, people were crazy about her. So in retribution she released a special album with some songs in Tagalog, which is the native language they speak there besides English, including translations of some of her previously released songs, such as the opening theme of María la del Barrio. 

I'm not sure if this song is a cover originally released by a Filipino artist, but it became the lead single and also the name of such album. 

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I changed my mind on Desamorfosis, it's actually a great album :bop_beyonce_dancing_yes_Yas_cheer_party_glasses:

She's always so dedicated and puts so much effort into what she does :barbie_hair_flip_hairflip_weave_proud_cocky:  here's looking at you Britney (change ya mind no seas cortes :britdrown_britney_tears_crying_drown_ink_black:)


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In the darkest hour of the night, I give you this to take with you 7.29

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