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Don't ever think about feeling sorry for Lou

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14 minutes ago, LaLohan said:

you're right, but still it's the same person trying to put everyone in a c ship like a freaking psycho...

"Lohan's rep confirmed the star's split with the Tennessee-based Taylor, who was responsible for her finances. According to the site, Lohan was unhappy with the way Taylor was dealing with her money and was concerned about bills gone unpaid."

Good on Lindsay for getting out when she did/still could


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1 hour ago, DignifiedLove said:

Unprovoked  ? Mmmmhmm kay. 

And ladies and gentlemen that is how you expose and prove ur point without even trying :makeup:


Well ofc you say I am negative when I trash ur idols Lou and rest of conservatorship team :kylie:

That part is 100% untrue . In fact Jordan was the only person whom was against the Conservatorship since it was placed in 08. I remember him writing multiple posts discussing how terrible this will be for Britney and he's gotten so much hate for it , tbh even from me since we all thought Britney can now be "happy" and "can live" . 

I don't agree with some of his actions on the site sometimes ( e.g pigrez promotion) but the truth has to be said . In fact he's had issues directly with team Britney for being vocal about her situation in the past.  

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Didnt she try to take over Courtney Loves estate as well? 3 women that we know about. She probably hates free, successful, rich, independent, famous and powerful women. Funny how she doesnt go after mens money, career and lives like that. Shes a ******* ****, she tried to do the same with Lindsay and Courtney, too bad for her that Lindsays dad helped her and Courtney saw her shady *** coming as well. She can rot in hell for all I care. 

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