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Support from different countries?

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Hi guys!

I am from Poland and I wanted to ask if other countries actually report #freebritney?

When it comes to Poland, some national TV mentioned our movement last year. Currently there's many articles being published - while Britney has been always shown as crazy, now I see that the media here is trying to focus on her father/team CON.

I've been talking to my friends, I'm trying my best



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In Greece they don't think highly of her. The people in the media mostly in entertainment are somewhat respecting her but the general public considers her crazy and blames everything on drugs and abuses. And only a few celebs diss her only to sound "cool'' .And its sad.:crying3:

The #freebritney isn't very known because i would say that they don't really care but I've seen some articles and they are very supportive. I hope that they will change their minds and be kinder.

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