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Kumail Nanjiani looking ripped in Men's Health

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Filing this in Exhale's new Fitness, Health & Lifestyle Forum.

Actor Kumail Nanjiani shows off a pretty astounding body transformation in the new issue of Men's Health.

He was inspired to get in tip-top shape as he prepares for his role in Marvel's The Eternals, in which he plays an ego-swollen, muscle-packed alien among men. 

He had this to say:


I’m playing the first South Asian superhero in a Marvel movie. I don’t want to be the schlubby brown guy—I want to look like someone who can hang with Thor and Captain America.

My thoughts... it's great he found motivation to get in the best shape of his life. However, if he's doing it just for the role... his transformation can't be sustained (in the same way). Based off the interview, it appears to be something he fell in love with so hopefully it sticks! 

Thoughts on the new pics?








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See I don't like this kind of body... Like Zac Efron's at his prime. I mean they both look like an alpha male, king of the jungle, Tarzan, a prototype of man to send to the moon and reproduce the human race... But it doesn't do it to me. Now Liam Hemsworth's latest pictures on the beach oh my gaaawd................. Just less hair, smoother skin, slightly softer, more rounded muscles for me please and thank you.

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