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Britney releasing an album of cover songs (I’VE HEARD IT)

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Admin Update: the original poster removed their post.

Essentially, they claimed Britney had recorded a collection of songs over the last 5 years - all covers. 12 tracks in total, including a Lady Gaga cover of Shallow. 

Unfortunately, their claims appear to be completely fake and debunked. However, it has opened up a discussion about whether or not fans would like a Britney cover album at all.


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1 minute ago, merden said:

My friend is a PA of someone who works for Britney.  Britney gave him access to these tracks and hinted that she wanted them to leak.  My friend shared them with me.


So hopefully someone leaks it!

How's the production, is it very polished (I mean her vocals) or more raw material like demos?

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