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  1. Yuck! Why would you even have that in your home? And I don't believe one second that she didn't know that it's Kevin.
  2. The jump from baggy xxl clothes to lingerie is a bit too much for me. I'd give her gorgeous dresses or even a suit, but not lingerie. And what's up with her dead eyes? She doesn't even try to look passionate, I really don't understand why she can't smile at least once in a photoshoot.
  3. I'm watching the FreeBritneyLA livestream and is that ARD interviewing a fan? Any Germans here??
  4. Didn't Chris had a female phase after the "leave Britney alone" video? I remember that I used to follow them back then, Chris started to use makeup, had longer hair and wore dresses if I'm not mistaken. Then Chris stopped doing it and became a gay ****star. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  5. Austria but no Germany? Why? *****, we're neighbors, send me some Jimin fries asap They're smart to do this after Ramadan
  6. I don't understand why people are complaining about the video being vulgar if the song is about s€x. David said that the version her team leaked isn't his final version so who knows what the real finished version looks like. Just like Gimme More, Make Me feels unfinished. Idk if Britney didn't like the whole video or if she just didn't like a segment of it, but she looked hot as fück.
  7. As a former skinny girl I can confirm. Comments like these made me remember when I was a teen and I used to get tons of comments about my body, especially from my friends (who were not fat, just normal with a bit belly). If you're skinny, people tell you to eat; if you're fat, people tell you to eat less. As long as one isn't sick, no one should comment on anyone's bodies (unless you're asked or qualified). You can't even post a damn picture of yourself without anyone trying to speculate your intentions.
  8. Can James please stop contacting minors? Even if it's just a "hi". I'd understand if he'd contact other youtubers and wants to collab but we all know why he's messaging them.
  9. Is it bad makeup or did she get fillers on her face? She looks so different Good for her collecting easy money.
  10. They way she smile in the beginning!! MY HEARTT!! I miss the way she used to dance. With passion, executing every move... you couldn't stop watching her. So mesmerizing.
  11. This! Can you believe this feud only happened because of some stupid background dancers? Taylor never left High School and it shows..
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