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  1. I don't understand why people are complaining about the video being vulgar if the song is about s€x. David said that the version her team leaked isn't his final version so who knows what the real finished version looks like. Just like Gimme More, Make Me feels unfinished. Idk if Britney didn't like the whole video or if she just didn't like a segment of it, but she looked hot as fück.
  2. As a former skinny girl I can confirm. Comments like these made me remember when I was a teen and I used to get tons of comments about my body, especially from my friends (who were not fat, just normal with a bit belly). If you're skinny, people tell you to eat; if you're fat, people tell you to eat less. As long as one isn't sick, no one should comment on anyone's bodies (unless you're asked or qualified). You can't even post a damn picture of yourself without anyone trying to speculate your intentions.
  3. Can James please stop contacting minors? Even if it's just a "hi". I'd understand if he'd contact other youtubers and wants to collab but we all know why he's messaging them.
  4. Is it bad makeup or did she get fillers on her face? She looks so different Good for her collecting easy money.
  5. They way she smile in the beginning!! MY HEARTT!! I miss the way she used to dance. With passion, executing every move... you couldn't stop watching her. So mesmerizing.
  6. This! Can you believe this feud only happened because of some stupid background dancers? Taylor never left High School and it shows..
  7. I knew nothing will happen today. **** all of them. How can anyone fight against such a corrupt system?? What needs to happen to change that??
  8. Taylor is usually wearing the best dresses, but this one is just ugly. Dula Peep channeling her inner Cher. She looks like a Victoria's Secret Angel. I just wish the dress had a proper skirt and not the mesh skirt (is that right?). Doja, what is this? It's just an ugly green mess. Love the color, the jewelry but the back ruins it. Just why? Billy for the love of god, try something new. I'm so tired of her dressing like a fat gangsta, if you don't feel comfortable with a dress, try a suit or something. Just something else?! boring and ugly, but expected from him. Harry just noo wtf everything looks so ugly and old. Just ewww. Noah's outfit could have been saved if she didn't had the pillow case on her back, it ruins the whole outfit. Lizzo looks like she's going to class reunion, love the color but the fitting is bad Looks like some cheapaß Halloween outfit, just why? Mickey Mouse wants his head back HAIM paying tribute to the Manson Family, love that! BTS look normal, kinda boring but not that bad love the plum color and the dress but not the pants. i have no words for not even trying to look good, he looks like he just went out to buy some cigarettes Dababy's outfit is the only one I really like. I don't care if I come across mean, they all have money to pay someone to get them good looking clothes and they have functioning eyes so they clearly chose to look like a MESS.
  9. oh bohooo you're just as petty as your taylor. let it go and grow up
  10. We're toxic??? All these celebrities who claim to love Britney oh so much can't spend an hour to watch a documentary about her unjustified consevatorship and take their time to inform themselves HOW she even got in one. If Britney can be placed under one, anyone can and this is SCARY. If you say you love Britney, you better support her FREEDOM. She has no basic human rights. You clearly haven't witness a toxic fandom. Please go on twitter and write that Jimin from BTS isn't cute and I can guarante you that you'll get flagged and harassed in a heartbeat. And that's just one example.
  11. Not some of you getting upset at her for calling the guy's dck small after he FLASHED his uglyass ***** in front of her and her fans. That's ***ual harassment. Beyond disgusting.
  12. Do you guys remember those weirdass bots who used to comment mean stuff about Britney? Ever since then I'm trying to avoid her insta. If I had Cassie's job, I'd not post her dancing videos. Many people outside the fandom either don't care for her or they still think she's "crazy". And watching those videos don't help Britney's reputation. If Selena Gomez or Miley Cyrus posted those videos, the gp would either think they're having fun or they're on drugs (if they don't like them). It's absolutely not fair, but that's how it has been for years. I'd rather watch her paint flowers or do runway videos, but her dancing videos are just weird. I feel like I'm not supposed to see them.
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