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17 hours ago, britneysknee said:

Just watch the whole video...

she slayed that choreo! :airpls: 


It's her best choreo post breakdown. Clean, not extremely hard but still pleasing to the eye, technical, fun, sharp. It's a shame they decided to cut it in the music video, but I can understand that: she decided not to execute it live fully, so they toned it down in the mv. At the gma she was stiff, and in the circus tour she only did a couple of moves. 

Her execution in the rehearsal / mv backstage footage is the closest thing to primeney we've had after 2007.

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I can't believe that was AFTER her breakdown..energy on point,dancing on point..she still had that fire in her eyes.she was stunning...the charisma was still there...she was the legend BRITNEY SPEARS.. if only the tragic 2010 year was different,.. if her dad and the whole team behind weren't ******** and didn't destroy her life

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