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Do your friends know about Exhale/stanning for Brit?


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I spend all day at work with Exhale on a minimized window and people see it and think I'm on some kind of chat :giggleney:


Back when I was in college, some of my classmates knew, because they would even allow me to use their computers to check on Britney news when I didn't bring mine. One of my friends even allowed me to download Britney Jean on his computer when it first started to leak lol

And my best friend even had an account in here, but now she doesn't even remember being here. It was her @Natasha Spears


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oh, this was also about stanning in general? well, yeah they pretty much know

When Facebook started to send notifications of all the liked posts and not just the shared ones, they thought I kept sharing them, and many people unfollowed me or straight out deleted me from their friends lol They were seeing too much Britney on their feed

People at college know that I was the one that started the campaign to have Britney Spears on Super Smash Bros. back in 2015 and they were amazed because I told them when I first started with the idea, and then when they saw the news in random websites, they couldn't believe it that it was me the one who started it :haha: They were very proud of me :P


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I love this thread. 

My friends and family know I stan Britney. They all associate her with me, so if they see news about her or hear her on the radio or something they’ll hit me up lol. 

Nobody knows about Exhale. Though they wouldn’t be surprised, tbh. 

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Back in 99 I was, at that time, the only boy in my family so my sisters kinda introduced me to Britney. They know I stan her. 
I play Britney's music everywhere (even at work, with my boss, she's a fan). Thanks to me, my nephews & niece (16, 13 & 10) are Britney fans, I love educating the young generation.

And even my neighbors know I stan her cause every day, I listen to her songs/albums and play them loud so they can enjoy what real & good music is. I'm the only one in my neighborhood who don't listen to french music cause thanks to my family, I was raised with US music.

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