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The last time Britney was on the GP's radar...

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The last time she had hits and the GP recognized her for her music was back in 2012 & 2011 with "Scream & Shout" and "Till The World Ends". 

After that she hasn't had a major hit. Even Work ***** is not that well known.

B10 needs hits and amazing visuals and music videos to bring her back on the GP's radar. People nowadays honestly think Britney has retired. They don't know about her being active in music. 

B10 save B... :pensiveney:

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23 minutes ago, The Bling said:

She's on the meme radar, a new Britney tweet becomes viral every week :tehe:

She's living off her legacy, which is pretty much what she's selling herself as nowadays, so I don't see no problem :makesomenoise: When she truly wants to do something new she will blow up

Her music sells her too

Make Me went #1 on itunes and peaked at #17 on the hot 100

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WB and to a lesser extent MM are known, just not as much as her earlier hits. And also, the GP knows she’s in Vegas and has been doing great, and many of them know how great her body is and that she’s stable. So musically wise, no Britney hasn’t been really relevant since 2012/13, but people still know what she’s been up to.

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