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Amazing videos :donewithit: I became her fan because of the videoclips.

The songs could be meh, but if the video is awesome, that's all I need.

Amazing costumes, performances or tour won't matter as much if there's no professional, HD recorded evidence of that. Live vocals... well, if I never cared about it in 20 years, I won't start complaining now.

So yeah, for me it's always an easy answer :soyeah: 

I am a performer.  I am a Mom.  I am funny.  I am your friend.  I am Britney Jean

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Definitely amazing music. I mainly only listen to my curated downloaded music,  Beats 1 or Radio 1.

I’d love for her to receive more plays on the radio. The last few singles have failed to get many, if any plays in the UK. Let alone chart!

It’s much harder to try and persuade friends to listen to Brit’s songs if they aren’t mainstream, well produced quality songs. At the top end of the scale are heavily rotated super produced popular songs, the other, indie more experimental songs. Our fave is currently sat bang in the middle producing under/mid produced auto tuned kinda same-y songs. 

I’d much rather quality over quantity. Think Make Me/Gimme More/Break The I’ve/Mood Ring/Radar. But with a modern spin with Danja/Darkchild/Bloodshy & Avant/Diplo/Marshmello. 

Ditch the fillers, deliver us from evil and only give us single quality tracks. 

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I was about to choose amazing music videos but then I considered my choice and I chose AMAZING LIVE PERFORMANCES!!! That's what Britney lacks the most. 

Amazing music? We have had it before and it's not like we have to jump to the extreme to say she will do trash music, I mean, pg was a huge mistake but aside from that I have loved all of Britney new music at the time, I know I will somehow like it. :verycool:

Music videos? We also have had a great catalogue of them, even having amazing music videos doesn't mean a succesful era or that she will continue releasing more singles, so I pass :yaknow:

A world tour, sounds great but we are actually having one this summer and we have 7 official world tours so, no. :mhm:

Live vocals? Aren't they implied in the live performances option? :lostney:

A residency? As if 4 years so far (and counting) weren't enough :ririshade2:


So, out of all of the options I chose the live performances, that would help her status as a singer to consolidate much more than nothing else. 

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Amazing music for the win! She’s not in her twenties anymore so she aint gonna dance or perform like she used to, but NOTHING can stop her from making great music :wontcry: look at Blackout, flawless music and pretty much everything else surrounding that era was shitty... :lessons:

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