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Does anyone remeber what happened that day ?

Guest riccus

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I remember it has a thread on exhale but I couldn't find it . And fans who attended to the screening sad it was a mess , It was shorter than it seems she didn't stood with them and watch the for the record screening and all. Does anybody remember the story?



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On 14.12.2017 at 8:57 AM, PokemonSpears said:

Imagine if they did that again in 2018, not MTV, but someone else showing everything in general, she would have to watch now all of the FF clips, X Factor, POM, Intimate Collection interviews, etc. Even crazier, she would have to watch this FTR countdown too, and FTR itself lol

she could have an stroke :kyliecry:


On 14.12.2017 at 8:12 AM, popprison said:

It's awkward because it was alllllll about her, britney Spears , past, present n future, fakeness or too personal...she was over it all yet had to do a documentary. and people wonder why she has issues. 

she probably remembered a lot of behind the scenes thingy. She doesn't like to watch herself . She used to write one of her old fan letters that she was sick of seeing her face on tv. :kyliecry:

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Guest Diamond Horse
7 minutes ago, MC The Songbird Supreme said:

Currentney would definitely be more talkative and humorous watching her old clips.

Yes, only logical.

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Sorry but even I would be awkward AF if they showed everything about my life since I was a child. Considering all she went through I cannot imagine what must have been for her sitting there with people and cameras around while remembering things that must have hurt her. It's not the same for us, we just watch Britney go through the years but she actually has to live these moments. 

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