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Anyone know the reason why In The Zone flopped in the UK??


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3 hours ago, MeAgainstTheMusic_ said:

She’s been robbed of a number album over here for years :nyheadache_miss_ny_new_york_tiffany_annoyed_head_rub_irritated_red_tired:

Born to Make You Happy went to number 1 for a forth single tho :wigsnatched_point_you_wow_yes_yas:

She said in an interview in 2004 her biggest wish was to get a number 1 album in the UK. Queen has to come back with a bop 

I still cant believe that :nochillbrit_britney_impatient_2008_annoyed_irritated_nope_smh_head_shaking_my_ftr_for_the_record_circus:

I mean, every major popstar (even the ones who werent never as big as Britney ww) had a #1 album in the UK, but Britney! 

UK still owe to her 22 years later :meltdown_panic_scream_falling_die_ahh_scream_yell:

Prince William had a crush on her, she has family in London till this day, she even thought about buying a house there and talked "british" for a while, so what about Brits treating her as the british queen she truly is? :rihit_rihanna_annoyed_throw_walk_away_bye_irritated_mad:

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