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Why Britney’s career is what it is today - a look back, she isn’t the artist she wanted to be

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12 hours ago, Steel Magnolia said:

I think it's a terrible idea!

It also could be the reason why Britney fought the conservatorship so strenuously in the early years. The life coach/Bible/money manger combo feels a little...what's the word...devious? Especially for someone having their legal rights removed from them.

From 2006:

"As the President of Tri Star Sports and Entertainment Group, Lou is a recognized authority on management in the sports and entertainment world. Some of her clients include supermodel Niki Taylor, Jamie Lynn Spears - star of "Zoey 101" and Britney's younger sister. Lou has also worked with Major League Baseball's Jose Canseco. "I am a strong woman, I am a boss, I am a woman in a man's business, I am married to a Godly man and Pastor, I am a submissive wife." - Lou M. Taylor"


Lou also counts herself as the "architect" of the Las Vegas residency...another reason I've always been a little leery of it.

"But perhaps Taylor’s most significant signing is Spears, who became a Tri Star client after a period of personal and professional tumult in the late 2000s. Not only did Taylor help get Spears’ affairs in order, she was one of the architects of the singer’s residency at Axis Theater at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. The residency has grossed more than $100 million in ticket sales alone since it opened in December 2013, paving the way for Sin City residencies by other millennial-era acts, including Justin Timberlake, the Backstreet Boys and Tri Star client Jennifer Lopez.

“Now, Bruno Mars is doing a mini-residency and Pitbull is coming in,” says Taylor. “You’ve got people who are still relevant, active, thriving, at the top of their career, going into Vegas based on a business model of risk that we took five years ago.”"


oh wow thanks for the link. "i am a submissive wife":nicki2: i hope britney petitions against the c-ship once vegas is over. it wouldn't surprise me if lou, her dad and andrew wallet are taking money from her tbh. 

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On 10/25/2017 at 6:46 PM, joe sp said:

We lived in an illusion, a sweet dream that ended in 2007

I agree with everything except the break after Vegas... They´re not going to let her free for that long (postbreakdown Circus album says hello), she will work and work and work till she flops as hard as ... (don´t wanna mention anyone) or till she dies. 

Well, that's incredibly depressing.

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