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Mannequin is Britney's Diss Song to Her Fans and No One Realized?

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When you listen to the song, you think she's talking about her ex, right?

Wrong. It's directed to her fans. It's cleverly, lyrically disguised.
Circus era was a bitter era for her. She  didn't want to tour but was made by management (to salvage her career). 

She's telling you even though you'll scream and cry your eyes out to her, her face will be like a mannequin. She doesn't care and she'll perform in a monotomous fashion because her mind and heart are elsewhere. She's this mannequin, a puppet, stringed/told to what she has to do (perform). She'll be Milli Vanilli, and she knows you'll still go to her shows. It's her inside joke.

Wanted to share this trivia for one of my favorite pop songs of all time. :foh:

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2 hours ago, everybodygoesdown said:

Was Mannequin the original lead for her 6 th studio album untill Womanizer and Circus were recorded ? :calculating:

No, she was just rehearsing choreography, probably just to get back into performing.

Kill The Lights is the only other song that I know for sure was considered for lead

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