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POM 8-23-17

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3 hours ago, SchatarSapphira said:

Turn you mic on, *****. :lemmetellu: We know you can sing already, why all of the playback? :girlwhat:

i always found weird how she sang great STTA and changes mics to lip Freakshow which is mostly talking :orangu: 

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2 hours ago, Poe Dameron said:

Such a wasted opportunity... I mean it's already rehearsed and she is prepared :sofedup: sometimes I really don't understand her...

me neither... 

we should expect nothing anymore. i just don't get the point of her singing it once :nocomprende:  its like with the dancing. in her instagram posts we see how flexible and fit she is, but on stage she's not delivering. :sofedup: 

brit can be really happy that she has such loyal fans (even if they're always complaing -  for good reason!). but we need to be feeded from time to time :orangu: 

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5 minutes ago, mauureee said:

she had a show? :brit:

of course she was gonna scrap STTA, would you imagine her saying that speech every night? She should check the news every day and......no time for that:byebitch:

of course she had one, she killed it!


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