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Just watched Slumber Party video after a while


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Just now, kutayuysaler said:

Tinashe gave all her flop energy to the song i think :outwithit:

You're a flop. Tinashe is such a sweetheart.

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2 minutes ago, kutayuysaler said:

she might be nice but shes a total flop...

+ i think her voice is cute but it gets boring after a point because she doesnt really push her voice (like ciara)

I don't agree with you. It's obviously not her fault that the song flopped. 

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46 minutes ago, Paulino999 said:

Slumber it's an amazing video, totally, the last chorus it's my favorite part, 

the promo was so weak , and after make me video fiasco, everything turned so difficult, 


she needed to promote slumber with an amazing performance in The AMAS 

I think the make me video drama was that big that the fans were mad at her so they couldn't really get over it and enjoy the next video

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Guest $elfish

Let's face it 

it has an amazing mv 

it's a good song 

britney promoted it ( a bit ) 

its just a weak song and shouldn't have been a single 

lmd , better or dywco could have easily snatched a top 10 and are really good songs 

literally all my friends that heard love me down are bopping to it everyday and saying it's their fave brinny song 

this fan base needs to learn just because it appeals to us doesn't mean it appeals to the GP

team B shouldn't have listened to the fans and should have released a song that would attract the attention of the gp 

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