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Glory Track Order

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I know track order doesn't matter much with albums these days but I felt like Glory had an opportunity to make a great album AMAZING with a better track listing.

Firstly, Invitation should've been the closer. The irony of the title. The sound. That song is an end. 

What You Need should've been the opener.  

Anyway here's my ideal track listing for Glory what's yours?

What You Need
Just Luv Me

Make Me… (feat. G-Eazy)
Man On The Moon

Slumber Party

Do You Wanna Come Over?
Just Like Me


Private Show
Love Me Down

If I’m Dancing

Hard To Forget Ya
Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes)
Coupure Électrique


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1 minute ago, Isla. said:

What You Need as an album opener? Meh, I think for the most part the tracklist was pretty consistent. Well the digital edition anyway, found it weird how Do You Wanna Come Over was track 2 on the physical edition.

I honestly feel DYWCO? was to be a single, just like Alien... it was added to POM but never released :crying2:

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4 minutes ago, 3isacharm said:

I honestly feel DYWCO? was to be a single, just like Alien... it was added to POM but never released :crying2:

Yes me too :crying2: really wanted it as the 2nd single. And now this era is pretty much done it's not gonna happen. #JusticeForDYWCO

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Here's Mine:

1. Invitation

2. Private Show

3. Just Luv Me

4. Make Me (feat G-Eazy) 

5. If I'm Dancing

6. Better

7. Slumber Party (feat Tinashe)

8. Do You Wanna Come Over

9. Clumsy

10. Love Me Down

11. Change Your Mind

12. Liar

13. Hard to Forget Ya

14. Man on the Moon

15. Coupure Electrique 

16. Just Like Me

17. Mood Ring

18. What You Need 

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my order on my iTunes:

  1. Make Me
  2. Do You Wanna Come Over
  3. If I'm Dancing
  4. Man On The Moon
  5. Just Luv Me
  6. Love Me Down 
  7. Slumber Party
  8. Mood Ring
  9. Liar
  10. Clumsy
  11. Hard To Forget Ya
  12. Invitation
  13. Just Like Me*
  14. Change Your Mind*
  15. Private Show*
  16. Better*
  17. What You Need*
  18. Cutting Electricity *



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I think Invitation is perfect for an opener. She needs to start from zero though, and then keep building it, and then slow down again, so it makes the transition to Invitation again.

  1. Invitation
  2. Just Luv Me
  3. Make Me...
  4. Coupure Électrique
  5. Mood Ring
  6. Slumber Party
  7. Love Me Down
  8. Man on the Moon
  9. Better
  10. If I'm Dancing
  11. Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortés)
  12. Do You Wanna Come Over?
  13. Clumsy
  14. Hard to Forget Ya
  15. Just Like Me
  16. Liar
  17. What You Need
  18. Private Show


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hmm, i do agree that proper track listing would make an album sound better. but i wouldn't change much about the original track listing, though i am removing songs that i personally dislike

1. Invitation

2. Do You Wanna Come Over?

3. Make Me...

4. Man on the Moon

5. Just Luv Me

6. Change Your Mind

7. Better

8. Slumber Party

9. Just Like Me

10. Love Me Down

11. Liar

12. Mood Ring


13. Coupure Electrique


none of these: Private Show, Clumsy, Hard to Forget Ya, What You Need, and If I'm Dancing


@danny1994, if What You Need was the opener, how would you feel about that :tiffcackle:

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1 Invitation

2 Just Like Me

3 Liar

4 Man On The Moon

5 Make Me f/ G-Eazy

6 Slumber Party

7 Hard To Forget Ya

8 Do You Wanna Come Over?

9 Love Me Down

10 Better

11 Clumsy

12 Mood Ring

13  Just Luv Me

Deluxe Edition

14 Coupure Electrique

15 Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes)

16 Private Show

17 What You Need 

A concept album. Britney is in love (Invitation). She catches her man with another woman (Just Like Me). She's pissed (Liar). She mourns her loss and wonders what went wrong (Man On The Moon). She decides to go out and have a one night stand (Make Me, Slumber Party). After her ho phase/night, she misses her guy and wants to work it out (Hard To Forget Ya, Do You Wanna Come Over?). The best *** is make up *** (Love Me Down, Better, Clumsy). Situation is still kinda toxic and Britney knows it (Mood Ring). But he's the one (Just Luv Me).

Roll credits (Coupure Electrique). Britney's got her man back! Playful, flirtatious bonus tracks (Change Your Mind, Private Show and What You Need).

Album of the Year. When will Lemonade? :NYsassy:

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