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Who did Britney vote for??

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2 hours ago, annalai23 said:

How do you know for sure that Britney's a registered Republican??

Months before the election, based on Lynne and Jamie Lynn's FB posts and Instagram stories, I could tell that They probably voted for Trump.... 

But as for Britney, I really don't know :P

What did Jamie and Lynne say? :xfactorlook:

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48 minutes ago, jcjbprince said:

What did Jamie and Lynne say? :xfactorlook:

Lynne posted the photo which Britney met Hillary in Vegas and captioned " Look who came to visit Britney in Vegas?  Absolutely NO political connections ...just two ladies chatting!! "~ and several people commented that he/she hope she didnt vote for Hillary....etc comments like that ... and Lynne "liked" those comments ~ and for Jamie lynn, when election result coming out that Trump was winning,  she posted instagram stories about the votes result with "god bless america" song as background music and some stickers on it (forgot what stickers) and felt like shes not worried Trump would be the new president and felt like more proud....

They have their own political views and im not sure if Britney have the same political views with them because she've been living in California and see and experience more things than Lynne and Jamie Lynn who lives in Louisiana mostly.

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