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My plan for Britney's 20th career aniversary in 2018

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I have a busy life but sometimes I gotta chill, and this time I had some ideas for Britney's 20 years career aniversary. I wanna believe they're gonna do something to celebrate it, but with team B we gotta be carefull, right?

01. SuperBowl

It's the right time for her to do it, she's been performing good since 2016 and can improve her dance skills trough heavy rehearsals. We know she can delivers more than she's doing. With the right setlist she can give the world's most memorable halftime show ever. She can pull a big  production, it's not impossible. She can even hits the highest number of viwers simply because her name still brings audience and people would be looking for it for the good or for the bad.

02. World Tour

A completly new show with her greatest hits and fan favorites from her latest albums. POM again? No. This show would be re-done from the start with new concepts, new choreos, costumes, interludes and so on. She could announce the tour during the SuperBowl commercials like Beyoncé and Gaga did and put tickets available right after her performance. The halftime show could be a prelude based on this tour, so her team would be doing 2 things at the same time with no extra costs. Starts from Asia, then USA and Canada, go to Europe, then Autralia and Latin America. A second leg on USA if it's possible.


Outrageous World Tour: A 20 Years Celebration Of Britney Spears playlist created by me :snapney:


03. A Greatest Hits Album

Nobody buys  such a thing anymore since we can make our own playlists on streaming plataforms, but they need to turn this into something else to sell. 2 discs with her Hits, plus one new song and a megamix. A POP colorful designd cover (it would bring more attention than the other albums on the shelves) representing her 20 years in the business, and inside a gorgeous photoshoot with a personal letter for the fans. It would be marketed as a collection item. To increase it sales, her label should release in the same weekend as her superbowl show to boost her image. Then tie it with her tickets. Whenever someone by tickets for the tour, the album's price would be included so people could purchase on Itunes "for free".

04. New single

The new single would be the new song of the greatest htis album of course, just like 3 was the single of TSC. Realesing the single and send it to radios 1 week before the superbowl  would create hype, then perform the song along with the hits at the halftime show, and on the week before the music video. This should keep her relevant enough to help the tour sales and the GH album.

6. DVD

Sshe should record the new show in some latin country, because the fans go wild. We can see that on Madonna's Sticky & Sweet Tour dvd, which it was recorded in Argentina. The public go nuts and the vibe is totally different from other countries, sorry but its true. Her team could release the DVD or provide it's release on Netflix, whatever feels more profitable.

7.  B10

After the tour success, Britney's image would be more aprecciated by the general public, making it the right time for B10. Like Femme Fatale, her team should release it in march-2019, just in time for a performance at the Billoard Awards. Perfect time to plan a new tour based on the new material for the summer. There's no point in having B10 now or next year. 2018 should be marketed as her 20 years career's birthday.

That's what it think :howiroll:

Any ideias to celebrate her career in 2018 too? Share it, maybe Team B will see this :truthtea:

We've been having several hints that they sneak around here sometimes :riri:


if there's something gramatically wrong, remember to be nice cause it's not my first language :quirkney:


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Guest Paris Hilton $

This is probably her last chance before entering in the nostalgia act circle

She needs to bring her A-game. Stop blaming her team, she has her word to say, you need to remember that the biggest moments of her career are her ideas and not her team's (BOMT outfit, the snake and the diamonds suit are a very few examples)

And it's def not a money problem, I mean she's paid half million for one night in Vegas

Her team are very well paid. She's more rentable than any other artist they have, since they're receving a ton of money without having to pay anything. Except the dancers. They didn't even bore to hire a choreographer or a makeup artist....

Anyway either it's that either she'll be considered as a nostalgia act which is tragic considering her age (she's younger than Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé and Shakira)

Let's not forget that 35 is the average age where most artists hit a new prime. Mariah Carey is a good example.

It's all up to her

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