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My only worry after Vegas...

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Post 2007 Britney has sorta of had a rough start in beginning of new eras. I remember at the end of Circus era she was looking confident and then came the beginning of
Femme Fatale and she looked nervous and was a bit stale and then as shows passed she looked amazing and confident and the pattern continued to Britney Jean/ Residency 
a little bit of a rough start but as time grew she looked and performs much better. I hope that she is readying an album early 2018 and tours spring/summer 2018. 

Many may not agree but I feel like post 2007 this is Britney's new peak! Body and stage presence now is f**king hot! :CPKney: 

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Just now, Erreur 2 La Nature said:

There are in discussion with several hotels so it means they're interested in a new residency.. I wish she never comes back to Vegas before being 70 years old


Let's let all LV Bingo residency die already  

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It's so tragic that some of us are saying "just 1 more big and successful era from her and then she can retire to vegas or whatever" - she's only 35 years old and she's already finished :wontcry:


Back in 2004, I would've been like "She'll still be going strong in 30 years... just like Madonna." But we all know her heart's not been in her career since 2004 and it never will be again and I'm so sad about this :tiffanycries: 

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