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Could Clumsy Have Saved BJ?


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Okay, so I know I'll probably get dragged for this or this thread will flop, but since we know that Clumsy came from the BJ recording sessions -if it was placed on BJ do you think it could have helped the album out a bit? I know a lot of us don't like it on Glory, but that's because its sound seems so out of place on the album (IMO)  

I think if it were on BJ and maybe even used as 2nd or 3rd single(:madonna: - I know it's crazy to dream of 3 singles these days hah) that it may have made the album a bit more bearable / given it more credibility. I personally would've loved to see it on BJ,  compared to the rest of the album it would've stood out a lot and probably gotten a lot of attention. What do y'all thing? 

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No, the problem is not the music,  the problem is the shitty promotion they do as if her music still sells for itself as in 00's. They can release 10 singles each era but without promotion they would flop anyway. Look at SP,  a great track but 0 promotion. 

BJ could have been a good/average era with smart decisions. She could have done the Vegas show and perform her hits while performing on BIG award shows promoting her material and deliver some live vocals.  But no, that wouldn't work according to Larry. So it was better to let the album die. :boredney: so logic right Lurry? :byebitch:

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