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Here's A Video Of Britney Spears Walking In A Handstand

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    • Lol sure. I love how you keep responding but youre so above it all. Get a life kunt bich ***** loose azzhole sIut
    • Sure. But how shameful is it that the National Enquirer seemed to post a pretty accurate account and the mainstream media ignored it for a decade? The media has to take some responsibility, and not just her family.  It wasn't a secret.
    • I'm so sorry i know this isn't exactly appropriate but I need some advice... Remember how confident britney was during domination rehearsals even though everyone can agree it was way to soon after POM..she also insisted that jamie be moved before domination started so she put her foot down finally... Recently (6+) months ago I started a new career in pharmacy a path I've excelled in and chosen to stick with. Its been going great i love it and i deserve it . .I'm 29.. I've started a new relationship a couple months ago and he's great..very popular..a friendly guy..a bit older but I like him..however he has an ex..me and my bf are good..hes assured me his ex is out the picture and there's zero contact..on Thursday whilst on holiday on Bournemouth he casually mentioned "if I saw my ex on the street I'd say hi.." I dont know why but it broke my heart and I didn't sleep that night..after he fell asleep I just led there crying(this is our holidays from work).. he didn't mean to hurt Me and I didn't show it but he did.. Today we travelled to London..Nice day/evening ..got to the hotel and I had to tell him "I'm worried if you speak to your ex..it won't be just a "hi" .."  He told me the guy hurt him and he wouldn't do that again ever..  me and my fella have both been really hurt by our exes recently..before we started dating..we no longer speak to our exes..mine moved back to his hometown (Bournemouth..the very place i was holidaying) did I mention him to my bf? ..no... I'm not a control freak or a jealous type but my bf and his ex live in the same town about 20 mins drive from my town.. I'm starting to finally love and trust again since Bournemouth guy cheated, spent my money then left for a better job in Bournemouth..I've finally met a new guy who's the opposite..treats me well..we travel..he even wants to meet My 10 year old boy at some point..lego land, Thore park etc My point is I'm scared..work has been crazy..I've been so stressed work have put me on 3 meds..painkillers, valour and something to protect my heart from stress..didn't want to take them but I'm dealing with alot... I'm finally on holiday..me and my bf are going clubbing on 1st April.  Portugal for my 30th  birthday (28th july)..we really are going well.. But im so scared of being hurt again..I feel like I just have to accept that its up to me to accept and get over my self esteem issues and my insecurities ..the guy that moved away was my first And he truly ****ed my head up... This new guy is so kind and decent..but his ex seems evil and manipulative..truth be told I'm almost scared that I'm standing in the way of a couple ..that I'm some rebound..some safety net..me and my bf have gone through similar heartbreaks recently  .. difference is his ex will always be there in the background..the happier me and my bf get the more scared it will be ruined and I'll be cheated on once again..i trust him..but we all know how cruel life can be. Am I In the wrong seriously?? An outsider's opinion would actually help.. I'm sat in a gorgeous hotel room In Central London at 6am and I need advice.. My ex was indeed horrible to me before he moved..but I absolutely adored him..so I know how my current bf feels about his horrible ex...  My bf is lovely but I am genuinely frightened..my work and my income depends on my mental state..I love my work..I stay strong for my son..I  am loyal..but since he's mentioned his ex..which they are bound to see each other again (his words last night) .. I just dont know how to feel ..once again I havnt slept tonight. How is this britney related I hear you ask? -overworked -New meds - trying my hardest but not happy  - no family (seriously) - my boy is growing up..my time with him is slowly getting shorter  ... Not britney related but I just want to say..this thread is stupid I know..but I'm on a trip in London its 6:30am  Any advice appreciated .. As soon as I start feeling happy and secure I'm reminded how fast things are going.. One minute I'm happy..he falls asleep then im just sat there thinking about our conversation..it just angers me..would he like it if I'd talk to my ex?... who just says "hi" then leaves it at that..I'm not stupid.. I really dont feeling or acting like this..im not the jealous type but I am not happy with people hurting and lieing to me.. When I let my guard down I really do...its bad enough my boyfriends friends all know his ex so I feel like I'm constantly being judged in comparison.. With everything mentioned am I being stupid or do I deserve to be worried? ...I feel both.. I dont want to be a stepping stone anymore.. I'm a good guy and I deserve happiness..I need to believe in love.      
    • Not really. I didn't even bother reading.
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