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  1. Hm, yeah I see what you mean with cringey, her moves seem quite forced, but to be fair, the first video is her dancing with kids and that choreo looks really weird when kids do it, at least I think that's part of the problem there lol.
  2. I wouldn't be surprised if she was trying for a baby with Sam, I just hope she hops in the recording studio before/during her pregnancy (in case she becomes serious about this sooner than we think). I'm only half kidding, I do want new music, but I don't want it if her mind's not in it.
  3. omg sorry for bumping this, but also: BRING BACK THESE THREADS, I love them SO MUCH!! I just stumpled upon this when I was looking for some candids and this thread was in the search results, so many random pics, but some of the are gems, like how precious is this for example: https://xray.breatheheavy.com/displayimage.php?album=8434&pid=352353#top_display_media idk I'm having an emotional day lol
  4. Coatney strikes again. maybe she was really cold (could've just put on a sweater though)
  5. It's been happening a lot over the last months, but it's getting worse and more obvious. To me it looks like she really just sees performing on stage as a job, she has to do it, but there's no joy in doing it. She mentioned in an interview how she needs to "get into character" before every show, because it's not really her on stage, the thing is, it's not working anymore, you can tell she's just not feeling it - so it all looks like she's doing what she has to (give fierce looks, smiling at the right moments), but she just wants to get it over with. Not rehearsing enough to know where to stand on stage shows how not interested she is in performing. I wonder if she would still go on tours like this if her father wasn't the one to decide. (pretty sure he's the one who's like "make all the money you can possibly make")
  6. I don't have the time or the nerve to translate all of it - and the first half of the article is harsh enough tbh here you go guys:
  7. Btw does anyone know if there will be a live stream of the show? In any case, have fun and sing your hearts out if you're going.
  8. He just needs to accept that he can't sustain a lifestyle that costs him 720k a year lol. Wth Dude wants to be some kind of celebrity so bad, he should try to get a normal job and lower his standards, like..it still won't make him and his family live like poor folks.
  9. Oh so that explains the high energy performance! Girl wanted to impress bae just kidding, but who knows right
  10. I know she couldn't possibly sign more than ten autographs before she'd feel the need to get away from the crowd, but did she even wave at them or did she just straight up ignore them? There probably wasn't enough time..girl had to do some yoga and get some rice haha, no time for the plebs
  11. Maybe someone else said it before in this thread, but I'll say it anyway, most artists that started their carreers in the early 2000s or even mid 2000s are not big on the streaming market. And streaming is getting more & more important, so how could she not 'flop', which is a question of how you define it. Plus, her core fanbase isn't nearly as big as the fanbase of, say, Ariana or Taylor. I don't see Britney pulling big sales again, it's not like she seems determined to re-invent herself either. I've come to terms with that, as long as she's invested in the new album & gives us some kind of Glory 2.0, it could be worse.
  12. She was so sassy and fun during the In The Zone era it's still amazing to watch.
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