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Her show is now called "Britney spears Whenever you want"! (now with proof!)


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3 minutes ago, ToxicVibes said:

Well my ticket from when I went to POM in September looks exactly like that. So yes, it's real :giggleney:

thats look like a screencap, and yes because all the tickets are the same is more easy to photoshop them, the pic i find show the tickets like in a distance... but hey i just wanted to share something i found, its not my picture! k bye:kisses:

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50 minutes ago, billboard said:

does anyone remember the article from like a month ago where it said britney would be embarking on her second vegas residency? plus wasn't it said at the start of the year that backstreet boys would be replacing her at the AXIS and she'd be performing elsewhere in vegas?

What !? :lostney:

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