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Imagine If Britney Got Interviewed On This Interesting Show. What would happen?


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Someone posted this video this week


its a youtube show where the host gathers all sorts of wikipedia facts on a famous musician from their main page and albums and tours pages as well, and asks them in person whether its a fact or fiction. Unfortunately he only interviews rock acts, but lets live in the world of imagination.

What do you think he would ask Britney? What is on her wikipedia pages that you would like to know?

Other examples from the show:



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13 minutes ago, Slave4Brit88 said:

It would be amazing, but obviously only if it was a really candid interview and not one word answers (no shade, I love her!) I quickly scan her wiki page and didn't see any mention of Original Doll so that's a waste, I'd love to hear about that :idkney:

I'd love to hear about Original Doll too! I think it may be mentioned on the Blackout page, development, so they could pull a question out of that!

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